Monday, May 11, 2009

"Some things in life are free"

"Some things in life are free" or maybe not... some things we need to work hard, give too much of ourselves to achieve them. I guess that I am loosing all my strength right now. I am tired of struggling... maybe if I could just give up a little, maybe things will get better... or maybe not... There is always a point in our life where we do not have any idea where to turn, I guess that I am in that point. So many roads, so many paths to choose from but I do not know which one to choose. Well I suppose that I am going to stay here, looking, trying to choose which path may lead me to where I belong to....
Sometimes we take things for granted. Our family, our home, our friends. In the end we need to understand that in this life nothing lasts forever. We do not last forever. Love does not last forever.


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